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I only became an even bigger fan when I saw your daughter because oh my god that Delirium outfit was beyond adorable.
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Hehehe, right!? Thank you. I never want to force her into any of the things I’m into if she doesn’t want to so I was so excited when she brought up wanting to cosplay with me and we had tons of fun. We have two or three future matching cosplay plans together that she wants to do.

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I used to be a huge fan of yours, until I realized that you have a child. Absolutely fucking disgusting that a "mother" would behave this way. I am extremely against abortion, but if you wanted to continue modeling nude and partaking in fake lesbian photoshoots, as well as being a pseudo-stripper, you should've had one.
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So you were a huge fan of my performing (being a pseudo-stripper) and modeling including me with other women, which is in fact not fake lesbian as I’m bisexual which is me being open about my body and sexuality, something that does sometimes result in children… and my having a child then makes everything I do not okay? My parents know about what I do and are supportive because I was lucky enough to be raised by parents that didn’t make me feel shamed about my body or sexuality and I will raise my daughter the same. She can make her own choices and I’m sure as a result she’ll never make anonymous messages shaming others and telling them they should have gotten an abortion instead of being a loving parent that happens to be fine with nudity.

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  1. literally every artist: please tell me what you liked about my art in the tags please please P L E A S E
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I performed my Facebook Stalker burlesque routine at Sin City’s Cyber Sex themed Fetish Ball and got some pictures in the photobooth afterwards.

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Yes, It’s almost been 6 years that we’ve been apart and we have a really rough history. We’ve never been on the best terms, but you tried so hard and did so much to be a good dad with all the issues you faced and I was always thankful for that. We made the most beautiful part of my life together, our daughter Helena. You loved her and that’s what matters, that’s what she remembers and will always remember. Rest in peace Ken.

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Teaming up with The Gentlemen Hecklers for a night of comedy and burlesque! Very excited, check out the facebook event page:

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Tell us about how you grew up? Anywhere in particular that you would like to travel?
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"Short" version of my growing up:
First 8 years of my life I lived in the same house, then I never lived somewhere for over a year again really. I was homeschooled my whole life aside from one time trying out school for a month in grade 7. I started being social by becoming a mall rat when I was a young teen then moved out on my own around the age of 15. That’s the end of my growing up I suppose.

Traveling wishes:
Most places I want to visit are for the people located there that I’d love to work with or locations I’d love to perform at. Aside from that I want to do all the cheesy stuff with my daughter like be able to take her to Disneyland.

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I don’t talk a lot on here…

I usually just share my photos and random stuff.
Does anyone want me to post anything more about myself or something?
You’re always welcome to ask questions, I dunno man.
I’m not a social media pro, haha.

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single mom

ep mom

album mom

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